Confronting Our Fears

toilet paper stackSomeone in my house must be afraid of running out of toilet paper!

How do you face something you are afraid of? Do you build bulwarks against the eventuality, in hopes that your planning will enable you to insulate yourself from the discomfort?

What if God chooses to bypass your bulwark, even if it is more substantial than a stack of toilet paper? Can you trust the One in Whom all fear is eliminated?

Peter, on the night Jesus was betrayed and falsely accused, was afraid that the One he believed had “the words of life” was going to be taken away and killed. And He was.

Peter had tried to guard against it by the sword, deny it by disassociation, and prevent it by rebuke. But here he was, failing to forestall what he feared – because God had ordained it.

In a gentle conversation following His resurrection, Jesus helped Peter see the reason for the thing he had feared.

Not long after, on the day of Pentecost, Peter fearlessly gave the first public delivery of the Gospel, and by his testimony thousands were brought to Christ.

Perhaps we should, rather than building flimsy walls to shut out our fears, take them to the God who holds the destiny of the entire created order in the palm of his hand, and see what He is doing? Nothing to fear there – He’s all good.

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