The Stoplight Game

When I was little, and I would ride with my grandfather in the car, we would play a game. As we approached a red light, he would try to slow down just enough that the car never actually stopped—we just slowed down, and slowed down….and s-l-o-w-e-d down……until the light turned green and off we went!

dodge dart 1970Who knew going so s-l-o-w could be so much f-u-n for a little boy?!

Exactly when did I forget how to make the best of every situation? When did I relinquish that beautiful skill of inventing my own pursuit of joy—even in every inconvenience? Oh, I wish I hadn’t, but I think I can learn again.

James 1:2-4 tells me I should face trials of many kinds, from inconvenient stop lights to monumentally disastrous terminal cancers, from my frustratingly familiar failings to the aggravating annoyance of others’, with my own pursuit of joy. Not for a game or a lark, but for the perfection of my soul.

So, until I get the final green light to go on, let me find contentment and the patient pursuit of joy waiting for all the red ones.

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