Talk Turkey

Istanbul TurkeyPeople are always asking us, “What’s the next step?” This whole process, as Jenny and I were commiserating last week, is so unscripted (from a human perspective…) it seems like an impossible question to answer at times.

But for last week, the next step was to fly to Turkey for a week.


I spent last week with the Area Communications leaders who gather once a year for a week to:

  • Update themselves about what’s going on in the world – straight from the horse’s mouth
  • Coordinate the communication strategies of all the Areas & the Fields they represent
  • Complete a working communications project for immediate use by OM offices worldwide

This group is charged with the task of relating stories of God’s work from all over the world, in a compelling way, to inspire the Church to action.

I was humbled and honored to join them as a guest and first time participant.

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