‘Tis the season of transition

Doing some more work (it never seems to go fast enough) on the house this weekend to get it ship shape so we can list it. Thanks to our parents for the help they have been able to lend us…many hands do indeed make light work. And Owen and Grayson have now come under the tutelage of the master painter, and are learning genuine painting techniques. This is a long-term investment.

The work these last few weeks in the evenings is beginning to pay off: the kitchen is looking much cleaner and whiter than it has before, the upstairs hall is once again “Sugar Cane” instead of “Handprint Grime” (this is a color Martha Stewart would never add to her line…), the bathroom trim is white and shiny now, and the school room is starting to look as sparse as the day we looked at the house. As our church choir director remarked, “Oh! I know—you’re fixing your house up just the way you want it, so you can sell it to someone else…” Exactly.

We are hoping to wrap up all these projects by the end of December so we can list the house by early January. This will free us up in the new year to be meeting with people regarding partnering with us. We are praying for:

  • The urgency and energy to keep at it until it’s done
  • The wisdom to know what NOT to work on
  • The gratitude for all that God has provided

Thank God for those praying with us. Keep it up!

In celebration of this glorious season, we enjoyed time as a family to work on some sweets-making for gift-giving (and taste-testing, our favorite pastime…). Here’s what we were working on while the songs of the Christ-child played…

By the way, check out this video. You won’t be expecting that.



Christmas sweets

maddie eyes cameraman

muggum grabs a cookie


maddie is dipping too







gifts of love

3 responses to “‘Tis the season of transition

  1. Hi, I subscribed some minutes ago and as I did this under my wordpress identity I thought you might like to kwnow who I am:-) I was on the Doulos, my maiden name is Kathrin Weyermann and we sang together in the choir and were on Sansibar as A-team. blessings to you and your family!

    • Kathrin, great to hear from you! Thanks for dropping by our blog… I notice your blog is about gluten free cooking. Are you gluten free yourself? My mother is, so I’m curious how you came to start blogging about it…
      Blessings, York

      • Yes, our oldest has celiac desease and I need something beside dirty dishes and laundry to keep me busy:-) we spent 5 years in missions and are now back in switzerland for good.

        greetings Kathrin

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