Positively Cute

As you know, we have had our house up for sale for a little over a month now, and we have had a number of people come through and look at it.

But still, we haven’t had any offers yet…hmmm.

There are a few common threads, minor turn-offs that sympathetic colleagues of our realtor have suggested we tweak that will make it irresistable, positively cute.

Namely, the 150 year old basement.

Needless to say, our goal isn’t actually cute, we would just settle for ignorable. Does that count, because it rhymes with adorable?

So, dear friends, wherever you may be, please pray:

  • That our minor basement makeover will win people over
  • That our new, slightly lower, price point will attract different buyers
  • That we will see God’s perfect provision in it all

Anyone else out there have a scary basement?

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