A peril spared

Most of the time, we don’t get to glimpse the peril we’ve been spared. It simply doesn’t happen.

And most of the time, we try to avoid hearing others’ complaints. We simply don’t want to hear it.

But yesterday, buried under the sludge, hidden beneath 60 years of sediment, at the bottom of the fuel tank we were removing from our house, we found a dime-sized peril, and we found it because of others’ complaints.

If it hadn’t been for the complaints of a number of the potential buyers who had visited our home in the last two months, saying they didn’t like the fuel tank in the basement, we would have left it alone. After all, we were never bothered by it.

But because we were compelled to do something, we chose to remove it, and, voilà, we found the dime-sized hole in the bottom of the tank that, if we hadn’t just drained the 40 gallons of fuel oil it held, could have given way at any time and spilled the tank’s entire contents onto our basement floor.

Thank you, God, for a peril spared, and yes, thank you, God, for those complaints

Dear friends, and praying partners, if you would, please ask God for:

  • Some new (or repeat!) buyers to come now and see our house
  • For them to enjoy the newly cleaned up basement, without a fuel tank
  • For one or more of them to want to take this house home for keeps

Thank you.

Here are some photos of the work we did. Morgan prayed with us before we left. My dad, Jake, Grayson and Owen joined me in the project.

pray before project

old fuel gauge

straining with pipe wrench

cutting pipes

cut off pipe

I did actually help, not just take pictures

Jake turning pipe

hoisting the tank

York concentrating

draining the tank

tank sawn in two

two halves of tank

sawn edge of steel

space where the tank *was*

Grayson under stairs

Owen moving dirt

Grayson posing

Jake letting in fresh air

Owen posing

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