Two to Tango

It takes two to Tango. Or so I am told. I don’t really know—I don’t Tango.

I do know that, like Latin dancing, real estate proceedings tend to accelerate when the number of interested parties is two instead of one. The castanets chatter, the guitar races to the start, meaningful stares are exchanged, and the stomping begins.

You see, just a couple weeks ago, we had only one single, solitary offer. And even that one candle’s hopeful flame flickered with the contingency of the buyers selling their house. If they went 6 weeks without a legitimate offer, our deal could fall through… All we could do was wait for them to try to sell their house. Which we did.

Or else the dance floor could admit another circling, strutting, stomping buyer to kick things up a notch. Which it did.

The contract stated that if we received another non-contingent offer while we were waiting, we could entertain it, but we had to serve our first flame with a 3-day “bump notice”, giving them time to remove the contingency if they chose to and were able. Which we did.

That was 2 days ago, and every indication is that the first dancer will still be swirling around our floor when the castanets are silent, the guitars have been stilled, and the lawyers have exchanged meaningful real estate forms. They cleared the offer with our attorney on Friday and cleared the engineer’s inspection this morning. Only financing remains.

But even if our first partner stumbles and can’t complete the number, we’re not alone—we have another dancer waiting to take it up, with an offer we’ve already accepted.

So either way, we’ve sold our house.

¡Ay, caramba! I think I’m starting to like the Tango!

tango feet

Please, if you would, pray that:

  • Our first buyer, even if they do remove the contingency and proceed with buying our house, would be able to sell their own home quickly and for a decent price.
  • God would go before us in our fundraising efforts, and would connect us with the right people—those who will share the vision with us to serve in spreading the good news of the Kingdom of God through leading the US Marketing and Communications team for Operation Mobilization.

Bless you all! Please write to us and let us know you’re out there—we would love to hear from you, know how you’re doing, what you’re up to.

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