Stop heading South

Our pastor has said many times, with regard to battling sin and temptation, “If you want to stop heading South, just start heading North.” We can waste so much time and effort concentrating on trying to stop sinning, that we forget the obvious—start doing what’s right.

For example, we learned in our family devotions today that the Israelites complained against God in their desert wanderings, when they should have thanked Him for all the miraculous ways He was providing for their needs. To stop complaining, we need to be thankful. To stop heading South, start heading North.

So our family headed North this morning, and we want to invite you to join us in our Northward journey!

  • We are thankful for all your prayer for us! We are not on this journey alone, and we aren’t the only ones who have something to thank God for when He answers our prayers.
  • As you all know, we did sell our house! This is a huge answer to prayer—thank you, God!
  • Not only did we sell our house, but God orchestrated circumstances so that a second buyer came along and effectively pushed the first buyer to remove their contingency. So we are set to close at the end of July.
  • Our buyers are fellow believers, and we have been praying that they would be able to sell their house as well. Saturday, we learned that they have in fact sold their house and will be closing just a week after they buy our house! So we are thankful for God’s amazing timing for all of us involved.

What do you have to be thankful for? Please share, and help us have lots of things to be thankful for along with you, so we can keep lots of complaints at bay!

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