Home Free

Well, in a manner of speaking, we are!

Free of a home, but not yet coasting down the smooth slope to “gone”. We still have work ahead of us.

  • Please pray with us that God would providentially make the perfect connections with individuals who are motivated by Christ to invest in world missions and have the capacity to generously do so.

We owe you an update…

As of July 26, we have officially moved out—signed the papers and transferred ownership to the new owners, who have been unpacking from their “PODS” containers all week. It’s all theirs!

Cool connection

So, now that we know our buyers are “the ones”, it is really cool to see how God chose to organize this whole thing. They are a Christian family who were in the homeschooling co-op we just left, but Jenny only met the wife briefly as they were joining and we were leaving.

One day, after we had been patiently waiting and praying for God to bring *just the right buyer* along, Jenny received a phone call from a friend still in the co-op. “Jenny, I think you’re going to get an offer on your house tonight!”

No, it wasn’t prophecy. Jenny’s co-op friend was in an exercise class with the wife, who had been excitedly telling her about finding this house that was perfect for their needs. She and her husband were planning to put an offer on it that night… As she described it, our friend realized—that’s Jenny’s house!!!

Well, they have enrolled their own kids for this fall in the Christian school right up the street from the house. They were very excited about the space in the house, because they take in foster children, and they were looking for a place with more room for them to expand their ministry.

They were, indeed, just the buyers we needed, and, providentially, this is just the house they needed! Thank you, God, for meeting our needs and theirs!

Satisfaction of a clean garage

getting the last dust out

Ooh, fun, the last bonfire

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