New church relationship?

UPDATE: Just to let you know, those of you who saw this post earlier and have been praying for this, we received word today that this church has decided not to support us on a monthly basis at this time. However, they eagerly desire to develop a stronger relationship with us as we communicate with them over this coming year, and are very open to considering financial support in the future. Praise God for a clear answer to your prayers and ours!

Hello, Everyone!

Just posting this quick note to say that Jenny and I had the opportunity this past week to meet with the Missions Committee of a nearby church, with whom we have numerous personal connections.

We shared for about an hour with this small, dedicated group, telling our story so they could get to know us a bit, conveying our vision for the ministry God has put before us, and helping educate them about the work of OM. Like most of the people we meet, they were largely unaware of who OM is and what they do.

From our perspective, it seemed like it went well, and they were very welcoming. We explained our financial needs very openly, so they are fully aware of where we stand and what would be helpful to us.

Would you please pray with us that this church would clearly discern God’s purpose for their stewardship and that if He wants us to be partners in ministry, they would choose to generously support our ministry? We have also offered to share about OM’s ministry with the whole congregation, if they think it is fitting. You could pray for that, too.

Thank you all!

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