This train is leaving the station!

ATTENTION ALL PASSENGERS: The Aspacher Family Train will be leaving Rochester on February 28.

Wasn’t it just last week that I wrote about having to be patient? Yes, well, as He often does, God has surprised us again. In an unexpected turn of events, OM USA has worked out an arrangement to allow us to come to Georgia nowRIGHT NOW.

And, as He also often does, He orchestrated numerous details…

Because of the bad weather, and the cancelled flights it caused, my employer didn’t fly out of town on Monday, and I got to speak with him in person about the news just three hours after I heard it myself. He remains understanding, and we will be working through transitioning someone into my job there—please pray for that process to go quickly and smoothly!

OM also has an apartment available on their campus for us to use temporarily while we continue to search for a home. These apartments are not always available, so it is God’s timing, again, that there is one for us right now. It makes the rapid transition even conceivable.

Finally, I was supposed to fly to Atlanta this past Wednesday for two days of meetings at OM, but because of the bad weather, the meetings had to be cancelled. This resulted in me receiving a voucher for airfare that I can now use to fly down for a few days mid-February to look at houses. Even better, this time we are actually in a position to buy one… Please pray for me to land on the doorstep of the right place.

Praise you, God, for your gracious provision and clear direction! Stay tuned for further updates!

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