Taking Up the Reins

After waiting and working for almost two years to get here, my first team meeting came early. A calendar glitch showed the 9 o’clock meeting as 10 o’clock on some of our calendars… As team members showed up “early”, I was reminded of my very first lesson in OM—be flexible. And my very first lesson in business—be prepared.

Someone had brought donuts and muffins, so we settled right in. Fortunately, my notes from a conversation with the VP of Marketing and Development the day before were handy, and we were able to launch into an overview of our goals for this coming year.

At long last, I have conducted my first team meeting with the Global Voice team in the Creative Space, and now all systems are “GO!” and we are off and running. At the end of week one, we are in the midst of:

  • Helping to solicit prayer and potentially raise funds for our team in the Ukraine
  • Designing, writing and producing the OM USA 2013 Annual Report for our key supporters
  • Reviewing video footage and our website with FiveStone as we prepare to launch OM’s brand nationally
  • Setting up a fundraising website for climbers participating in the upcoming South Africa Freedom Climb
  • Gearing up to offer a wonderful experience for a college student interning with our department this summer
  • Serving the team here and abroad in myriad ways I have yet to discover… 🙂

If you have the time and inclination, please pray for clarity, teamwork, effectiveness and Godliness as we execute all of the above. I am in the process of “learning the ropes”, and the team is in the process of adjusting to me being here.

Thanks so much for your partnership with the Lord and with us!

By the way, the team photo below is (L to R): Frank JohnsonExecutive Assistant, Nigel HarmanWeb Master, Kevin MountSocial Media Manager, Regina BergeronVP Development & Marketing, Me – Marketing Director, Sarah BradfieldGraphic Designer. We also have a Direct Marketing Manager, Valerie Moreland, who works from her home in Florida.

The other photo is me participating in Thursday morning’s weekly prayer meeting, praying for Myanmar (Burma), because I had been there before…

Global Voice Team

pray myanmar

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