What are we up to? Update 1 of 4


I had thought being hospitable in a tiny apartment inhabited by seven people was impossible. Turns out it’s not. The only thing there isn’t room for is my pride. So Thursday night we had my colleague from the UK office over for Jenny’s amazing Indian food and some cutthroat Killer UNO. And again last night for a special command performance of BRAVE, for our Scottish guest, Kris. As you can see, we didn’t have fun at all…

fun with Kris

pose with Kris

We have moved into one half of our house on Palmetto Road while we work on the other half. We are having a new roof put on and they began work early today. Yes, in Georgia you can have someone put your roof on the week before Thanksgiving. Amazing.

morning sun on roof

roofing supplies

On Thanksgiving, we will be hosting the two Logos Hope (see website and videos) interns who work on my team! Betty is from Mexico and Sarah is from Germany, and they are both eager to help with the cooking and learn all that goes into a real American Thanksgiving experience. We will even be able to supply real, live grandparents at the family table—my parents have just moved into their new home around the corner from us and are now officially Georgia residents!

2 responses to “What are we up to? Update 1 of 4

  1. Happy Thanksgiving y’all! Do they say that in Georgia? Wrong part of the south perhaps. In any case, lots of love from your Midwestern fam.

  2. Looks like you are doing well … having fun!
    Happy Thanksgiving! You have much to celebrate … so happy your mom and dad are there starting their next chapter!

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