What are we up to? Update 2 of 4


At Faith Bible Church, we have been drawn in close, personally welcomed and included in all manner of activities, including the Parent Appreciation Banquet, K-Group (Small Group), Period Dance Practices, Men’s Golf Outing, Youth Group picnics and parties, and the All-Church Reformation Day Bonfire Party. Not to mention visiting and building friendships with many families in their homes and at church. We recently completed the membership inquiry class and are strongly considering making this our Georgia church home, assuming they’ll admit us. There is that…

jake and k-group friends

The funniest thing to me is that this church, through some family, church and friend connections, has drawn a strong contingent of Long Island folks as transplants over the years. Most recent, the Ivans moved down with their three kids and have joined our K-Group (Lew Ivan in blue above, Tommy in green). Strong New York accents… So we move to Georgia, and what accent are our kids adopting…Long Island?!?

Oh, and the rose picture associated with this post is from the Ivan’s back yard.

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