What are we up to? Update 4 of 4


God knows we calcify. So he bends, stretches and scrapes us to ensure freshness and growth. This fall, our K-Groups have been studying the book of Acts, reading J. Mack Stiles’ book Evangelism: How the Church Speaks of Jesus and discussing evangelism.

Evangelism is pretty useless if it is only the subject of discussion. It must be practiced. So we have been bent, stretched and scraped. We are each praying for 10 people we rub shoulders with who don’t know Christ. **NEWS FLASH** God is visibly working in the life of one of the people we’ve been praying for! And multiple followers of Jesus, just as Stiles envisions, have had a hand in the awakening.

Also, on a recent trip to NYC, Mohammad was my Uber driver. Challenged by our study to pray for an opening to share my faith, I watched as God naturally swung the conversation open on the hinge of family and parenting. Through his mention of the death of his (Muslim) father and uncle back in Bangladesh, God provided the key to unlock a spiritual conversation involving Jesus’ death in our place and how to please God, and he accepted a tract to read more.



And Jake and I prayed for conversations with our seatmates on our recent flight to Rochester. God provided great conversation and the opportunity to speak of Jesus with Rupak (flight 1) and Cassidy (flight 2).

So, I’m wondering, what stale hardness might God want to gently rid you of, so you can know the joy of seeing Him perform His mighty works in you today?

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